Kingdom Code of Ethics

Kingdom Insurance Group is dedicated to operating with integrity and transparency in its dealings with Medicare beneficiaries, carriers, providers, competitors, and our regulatory agencies.

Kingdom Insurance Group takes any Marketing misconduct allegation , overall non-compliance and fraud, waste and abuse (FWA) seriously; we will conduct thorough investigations, take swift, decisive actions to remediate, as appropriate, along with notifying our Health Plan partners (carriers) of all findings.

By complying with this code, you are attesting that you will comply with the conditions of this Code of Ethics and failure to do so will have consequences as outline in this code.

  1. I shall conduct myself in an ethical manner with courtesy and dignity and with respect for the rights and reasonable request of consumers and health plan members at all times.
  2. I agree that I shall not partake in door to door solicitations or cold calling consumers.
  3. I shall not distribute incorrect enrollment material or unapproved marketing material.
  4. I understand that Kingdom Insurance Group's Health Plan partners meet government qualifications shown in the code of Federal Regulations, as approved by the appropriate government recommending bodies. However, I will not imply to consumers or health plan members that their enrollment is in anyway sponsored by or endorsed by or shared by any particular state or federal government agency.
  5. I promise to apply my knowledge and professional ethics to the sales process as I assist my clients in choosing the right health care plan for their needs.
  6. I will treat each sales interaction as if I were assisting a friend or family member.
  7. I will use no form of coercion, deception, sympathy appeal or other high-pressure tactics to enroll consumers in a product.
  8. I will always give clear accurate information regarding my relationship with the Health plan and avoid the use of false, contextually misleading or exaggerated statements.
  9. I will follow the Scope of appointment requirements and be sure to fill the form out completely.
  10. I will present the health plan in its entirety, using the summary of benefit, flip chart, provider directory, referral process, formulary, explaining all co-pays including part D and the coverage gap, and what the consumer can expect to happen next, such as verification calls, welcome packets, membership cards.
  11. I will make sure that all information on the application is completed and filled in by the consumer, their legal representative or by me, the agent, in their presence.
  12. I will qualify the consumer by asking if they meet all CMS eligibility requirements for the Medicare Advantage Plan; have Medicare part A and B; reside permanently within the plan's service area and does not have End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)
  13. I will not ask a consumer to sign an incomplete enrollment application or hold that application on behalf of the consumer. I will promptly submit the enrollment with the scope of appointment within 24 hours of the consumer's signature to the Health Plan or to Kingdom Insurance Group.
  14. I will use only the identification number issued to me by the Health Plan on enrollment applications. I will not use the identification number of another agent on enrollment applications nor will I permit another agent to use my identification number or my signature on an application that I did not complete or sell.
  15. I will not accept assistance while testing for carrier certifications. I will not assist another agent that is testing for a carrier certification. I understand that if I participate in any such behavior I and the person/persons involved will be terminated.
  16. I will not accept assistance while testing for AHIP certification and will not assist anyone that is testing for AHIP certification. I understand that if I participate in any such behavior I and the person/persons involved will be terminated.
  17. I will not give assistance or accept assistance with mandatory training modules imposed on me from the carriers or my employer due to allegations, enrollment issues, or any other compliance issues. I understand that if I participate in such behavior I will be terminated along with the other person/persons involved.
  18. I will not give or receive assistance with any new carrier plans or government certifications. I understand should I be involved in any such behavior I will be terminated along with the other person/persons involved.
  19. I will not assist anyone or accept assistance from anyone with continuing education of my insurance license. I understand that should I be involved in any such behavior I and the person/persons involved will be terminated.
  20. I understand that if I am aware of any type of the behavior described in numbers 15-19 above and fail to report it, I may be terminated also.
  21. I will protect the privacy of consumers and members and preserve the confidentiality of their records in accordance with Kingdom Insurance Group's, the Health Plan's, and HIPAA regulations and guidelines.
  22. I shall not accept gifts or other financial incentives as an inducement to enroll consumers into a plan. I shall not arrange to split any payment or commission, or otherwise allow myself to be influenced or coerced in any way into conducting business.
  23. I shall not discriminate by reason of race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin or economic status. Enrollments in any product shall not be predicated on age or medical condition, except as provided by federal rules of access to Medicare. I understand that discrimination based on health status or disability is prohibited, and that marketing materials and sales meetings must be accessible to the disabled.
  24. I understand to sell for Kingdom Group and their HealthCare partners I must keep my insurance license, appointment, and E &O current. I must also complete the annual certification requirements for each plan that I am appointed to sell with.
  25. I understand that I must report any identified issues of non-compliance and /or FWA promptly to Kingdom Insurance Group Compliance Department, and the appropriate carrier contact, the MEDIC and law enforcement as appropriate without fear of retribution or retaliation. Such issues can be reported anonymously to the carrier to further protect the identity of the reporting party. You may report Health Care Plan issues directly to our Health Care Plan Partners (HCPP), by calling, emailing, or by mailing written correspondence to our HCPP's.
  26. I understand that I must abide by Kingdom Insurance Groups documented policies and Procedures (P&Ps) and this Code of ethics as well as the applicable state and federal requirements including but not limited to:
    • Federal and state False Claims Acts
    • Anti-kickback Statute
    • Prohibition on inducements to beneficiaries
    • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    • Other applicable criminal statutes
    • Code of Federal Regulations-specifically, 42 C.F.R. 400, 403, 411, 417, 422, 423, 1001, and 1003
    • All sub-regulatory guidance produced by CMS for Part D such as manuals, training materials, and guides
    • Applicable Civil Monetary Penalties and Exclusions
    • Applicable provisions of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act
    • Applicable State laws and P&Ps for all carriers I am contracted to do business with.
  27. I understand that any breach of the above could jeopardize the contractual relationship between Kingdom Insurance Group and its carriers and may result in the immediate termination of my contract under Kingdom Insurance Group and such breach of this Code of Ethics may cause the immediate suspension of any commissions and that Kingdom Insurance Group may report any breach of this Code of Ethics to the appropriate carrier and regulatory agency.