About The Kingdom Group


  • Kingdom Insurance is a family owned, National Insurance Brokerage Firm. Kingdom is licensed in all 50 states, represents every major carrier in the market and supports agents and agencies in every state.

  • We specialize in independent agent/agency growth through leads, support, training and marketing assistance.

  • At Kingdom our agent and agency partners are our top priority. Everything we do, every employee we have, every dollar we spend is in support of our agent/agency partners.


  • Our goal at Kingdom is to help our agent/agency partners achieve their goals. Whether its increasing sales, increasing your commission/contract level, growing or building an agency or simply increasing your product knowledge, we're here to help you. We offer a FREE LEAD program, co-op lead program, carrier sponsored lead program and because of our substantial lead volume we offer our agents the most competitively priced lead programs in the market. Leads are not an issue for Kingdom agents. We submit and track applications for our brokers, perform commission audits with our in house CPA’s and even help agents respond to any complaints that may arise utilizing advice and response assistance from our in house attorney. We have 40 full time team members ready to assist our broker’s every day. We also offer real-time live support to our brokers through our Kingdom App via live chat, messaging and text. Contact us today and let us show you why we are the leader in the senior market and the best partner for agent/agencies year after year.